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Low profile CNC clamp

Low profile CNC clamp

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Low profile CNC clamp for fixing the workpiece on CNC machines.

The clamp is 3D printed. Useful for clamping and holding the workpiece. It has a low profile of 12mm. Tighten it easily with your fingers or a wrench. It has a clamping action, exerts pressure on the object you want to clamp from the outside. For use in clamping plastic, aluminum, wood... The clamp is very suitable for hobby workshops as well as for all hobby CNC machines of the brands Stepcraft, X-Carve, Shapeoko, Genmitsu.


NOTE: You are purchasing a digital STL file format that is intended for printing on 3D printers. You can print as many of them as you need or if you damage them during work. The vise is attached to the "spoilboard" with two screws.



The clamp is printed from PLA material

Infill 40%

Steel guides: 5mm x 20mm (carpentry inserts for shelves)

Screw: M6 x 30

Nut: M6 10 x 10 mm square

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